Making Connections
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Coding strategy
As students read, they stop at each sentence or paragraph and indicate their reactions to their reading by using symbol codes to represent (I already knew this, new information, wow, I don’t understand). After coding, students find a partner to share and compare codes to justify their codes.


Revisit, Reflect, Retell (pp 176-177)
Compare and contrast diagram
Students read two texts. Use the compare and contrast diagram to record the differences and similarities between the two texts


Teaching reading comprehension strategies p 84
Connection stems
After reading a section of text aloud, show students a sentence stem, eg That reminds me of … and think aloud about the process you use for completing it. For support use the text-self, text-text, or text-world connection


Guided Comprehension in grades 3-8 (p202)

Teaching reading comprehension strategies p 85
Dot to dot connections
Teacher chooses 6-8 meaningful words from the text. Students make connections between the words by drawing and line and writing the connection.
Teaching reading comprehension strategies p 42
Double-entry journal
Distribute copies of the journal. Students read or listen to a text. Ask students to select a key event, idea, word, quote or concept from text to note down in the left hand side of the journal. Ask students to write their response or connection to the item in the left hand column.


Guided Comprehension in grades 3-8 (p203)
Drawing Connections

Guided Comprehension in grades 3-8
Memorable moments
Before reading a story, students anticipate a memorable moment. When they finish reading the story, they reflect on the most memorable moment and note another moment. Students take down a quote from the story.

Revisit, Reflect, Retell (pp 52)
Save the Last Word for Me

Guided Comprehension in grades 3-8
Sticky Notes
Students record the connections they make on sticky notes and what type of connection they have made. Attach the sticky note to the book where the connection is made.


Teaching reading comprehension strategies p 83
The Character and Me
Students compare themselves to a character in the story.

Revisit, Reflect, Retell (pp 42-43)
Text to self, text, world connections
The text said…
This reminds me of …

Text to world
Text to text
Text to self
That's Life
Students make connections between characters, setting and events in the story to people, events and places in their own life.
Graphic Organiser- T-chartLeft had side- In this textRight hand side - In your life(character, setting and event)


The Big Book of reading response activities p 81